DUA are Regina Dürig and Patrizia Bach.

The text-drawing duo formed in 2018, when the two of them met at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany.
What immediately drew them towards each other was their shared interest in collecting/re-arranging and the desire to uphold tenderness while living and working in a profoundly messed up world. DUA is a friendship and an ongoing artistic dialogue on paper: drawing from their respective practices, Regina Dürig and Patrizia Bach invent constraints and collaborative settings for their work, unfurling a poetic space which encompasses fleetingness, porousness and silence.



Federn lassen (Losing Skin)
exhibition-view: Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Studio Bosporus, 2021




DUA: On F119 (TOMIKO-Archive)
exhibition view: Kunsthaus Langenthal, Cantonale Berne, 2020
photos: Martina Flury Witschi