Vergangenheit, in jedem ihrer Momente zitierbar

Past in Each of its Moments be Citable


At present I’m working on a publication of the project in all its layers. 
A prototype/ artist’s book was made in 2017 for the exhibition –> Zeichensprachen (Language of Drawing) with a text by Caroline Adler. 
[see pictures]

The ‘chapters’ consist of the volumes of the collected photographs. Their table of contents is a list of the volumes of each quarter of the city. Following after those very systematic pages, the layers of historical layers organized as a leporello, so that one can see simultaneously the drawings, the lists of city walks, the amateur photos and images of the city itself. Depending on how one opens the book, the same images can tell different stories.  

In 2021 I will follow the invitation to the
–> Kulturakademie Tarabya (Istanbul) to work on a publication of this project.