Born 1983 in Munich/Germany.

Patrizia Bach studied visual communication and fine arts in Berlin/Germany and Istanbul/Turkey. With her work On Walter Benjamins Arcades-Project, she graduated in the masterclass of Nanne Meyer at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin in 2014. The project was frequently awarded and presented, as during the conference »Walter Benjamin in Palestine – On the Place and Non-Place of Radical Thought« (2015) and recently in her Soloshow »Archive Works« at DEPO (Istanbul 2018)
It has been published in 2017 as a monograph by Revolver Publishing, Berlin and won the prize of the shortlist of the most beautiful books in Germany by Stiftung Buchkunst (2018).

In 2015/2016, she conceptualized and curated the exhibition project »Past in Each of its Moments be Citable – an Exhibition Project on Walter Benjamin’s Concept of History in the City of Istanbul« that invited several Turkish and German artists and designers to address Walter Benjamin's theses On the Concept of History in the city of Istanbul.

Patrizia Bach’s main medium is drawing, while other subjects like archiving, collecting and reorganizing as well as the big city as memory store form the core interests of her artworks, which she develops mostly over several years.

She received numerous scholarships, among others the Nafög (Elsa-Neumann-Stipendium des Landes Berlin), the Global- and the Research Stipends of Berliner Senats and the DAAD-Stipendium für Bildende Kunst
Her monograph Arcades-Work. Drawings on Walter Benjamin & Paris City Map. On Walter Benjamins Arcades-Project  was funded by the Stiftung Kunstfonds.
In 2018/19 she has been a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude, selected by Catherine David.
In 2020 she will be a fellow at Kulturakademie Tarabya (Istanbul).

Her works are in the collection of Berlininsche Galerie. 

Patrizia Bach lives and works in Berlin and Istanbul.



Scholarships and Fundings

2020 – Kulturakademie Tarabya, Istanbul

2018/2019 – Akademie Schloß Solitude 

2017 – Research-Scholarship, Berliner Senate

2016 – Global-Scholarship, Berliner Senats // Goethe Institut, Istanbul

2014–2015 – DAAD-Scholarship

2014 – Stiftung Kunstfond, Bonn (catalogue-funding)

2013/2014 – Nafög-Scholarship of Berlin

2012 – Goethe Institut und NCCA, Nishny Novgorod (RU) 


Exhibitions (selection)

2020 – Group Show, die gezeichnete Stadt, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin

2020 – Solo Show, on F119, together with Regina Dürig, Lokal-Int, Biel, Switzerland

2019 – Group Show, Engaging with Histories, Project Space Römerstraße 2A, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart

2018 – Solo Show, Archive Works, DEPO Istanbul, Turkey

2017 – Group Show, Zeichensprache(n) Zeichnerinnen und Zeichner der Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee Galerie Parterre, Berlin 

2016 – Solo Show, Patrizia Bach as guest of the artist Nanne MeyerAtelierhaus Mengerzeile, Berlin

2016 – Group Show, Past, in Each of its Moments be Citable – an Exhibition Project on Walter Benjamin’s Concept of History in the City of Istanbul (Idea, conception, realisation and own artistic participation), DEPO Istanbul, Turkey

2015 – Exhibition, On the Colors and Symbols in Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project in context of the event: Walter Benjamin in Palestine – on the Place and Nonplace of Radical Thought, International Academy of Art, Ramallah, Palestine

2015 – Solo Show, On the Colors and Symbols in Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project, LOTTE, Stuttgart
in cooperation with the German Literature Archive, Marbach

2014 – Solo Show, On the Colors and Symbols in Walter Benjamin’s Arcades ProjectGallery Vice Versa/Revolver-Publishing, Berlin

2014 – Group Show, STIPPVISITE, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin (Exhibition of the Nafög-Scholarship holders 2013/14) 

2014 – Group Show, Exhibition of the master students 2014, HO-Berlin

2012 – Group Show, Walter Benjamin’s New Year Tree
at NCCA, Nizhny Novgorod (National Centre for Contemporary Art, Russia)

2011 – Diplome-Exhibition, On the Colors and Symbols in Walter Benjamin’s Arcades ProjectAkademie der Künste, Berlin


PUBLICATIONS – monographs, artist books, online-publications 

2020 (preview) – | online-publication of my collection of amateur-/family-photographs

2020 (preview) – | online-publication of  one section of the TOMIKO Archiv with  over 30 contributions by international artists

2019 – Walter Benjamin: Tarih Kavrami Üzerine | On the Concept of History. Artist-book in Turkish and English corresponding with the eponymous lecture-performance
46 pages, 21 × 14, 8 cm 
[Edition: 100 pieces; with support of Akademie Schloss Solitude]

2019 – TOMIKO Archive, Edition#7 [F107]. Two related artist-books, each 479 pages, digital print, 21 x 29,7 cm
[Edition: 10 pieces; with support of Akademie Schloss Solitude]

2018 – Patrizia Bach. Arcades-Works, Drawings on Walter Benjamin & Paris-City Map, on Walter Benjamin‘s Arcades Project, Revolver Publishing, Berlin, 2018 [Monograph; Texts: Kathrin Busch, Knut Ebeling]
Award: Shortlist of the most beautiful books, Stiftung Buchkunst

2018 – Patrizia Bach: Archive Works / Arsiv Isleri. Edited by DEPO, Istanbul, 2018 [Exhibition-Booklet]

2018 – TOMIKO Archive, Edition#5 [F71] and Edition#6 [F100]. Two related artist-books, each 273 and 535 pages, digital print, 21 x 29,7 cm
[Edition: 10 pieces; with support of DEPO, Istanbul]

2017 – Patrizia Bach: Vergangenheit, in jedem ihrer Momente zitierbar. (Pst in Each of its Moments be Citable)
Workbook – with an Essay by Caroline Adler [Artist-book, 200 pages]

2014 – Patrizia Bach.
[Web-publication, Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project]

2014 – Patrizia Bach. On the Colors and Symbols in Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project. [Poster edition], 84,1 × 118,9 cm, 50 pieces, Revolver Publishing, Berlin.

2010 – TOMIKO Archive, Edition#4 [F20_01]. Two related artist-books, each 607 pages, digital print, 21 x 29,7 cm
[Edition: 10 pieces]



PUBLICATIONS – catalogues and contributions

2020 (preview) – Die gezeichnete Stadt. Edited by Annelie Lütgens, Berlinische Galerie. 

2020 (preview) – Piktogrammatik – Grafisches Gestalten als Weltwissen und Bilderordnung. Edited by Annette Geiger und Bianca Holtschke, Bielefeld/London (Transcript Verlag) 2020. [Text: Caroline Adler]

2020 (preview) – Novalis ABC, Das ›Allgemeine Brouillon‹ Materialien zur Enzyklopädistik. Geordnet nach den eigenen Klassifizierungen des Autors. Edited by Walter Zimmermann, with Patrizia Bach, Sebastian Jehl und Josef Schreier with drawings by Nanne Meyer, Berlin (Matthes&Seitz) 2020.

2019 – Arcade Materials – YELLOW: History and Temporality. Edited by Sam Dolbear und Hannah Proctor, London 2019

2018 – LOTTE, Land of The Temporary Eternaty. Edited by project space LOTTE, (Lostbooks) Stuttgart 2018, p. 158 

2017 – The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin. Edited by Helen Clarke and Sharon Kivland with Essays by Helen Clarke, Sam Dolbear and Christian A. Wollin, Pages 40/41 

2017 – Zeichensprachen. Zeichnerinnen und Zeichner aus Weißensee. Edited by Kathleen Krenzlin, p. 16/17; Text: Stefan Koppelkamm and Christian Schiebe [Catalogue]

2017 – Patrizia Bach: Zeichnungen zu Walter Benjamins Passagenarbeit / Kathrin Busch: Das Bild zur Lektüre. Zu den Zeichnungen von Patrizia Bach, in: Anderes Wissen, edited by Kathrin Busch, Merz Akademie Stuttgart, Paderborn 2016; pages 146–187.

2016 – Her Anıyla Alıntılanan Geçmiş – Walter Benjamin‘in Tarih Kavramı Üzerine bir Sergi Denemesi; ‘Past in Each of its Moments be Citable’ – an exhibition project on Walter Benjamin‘s Concept of History in the City of Istanbul. Edited by DEPO, Istanbul 2016; [Catalogue; Text: Caroline Adler]

2014 – ЕЛКА ВАЛЬТЕРА БЕНЬЯМИНА [Walter Benjamin’s Christmas Tree, Exhibition catalogue: Walter Benjamin’s New Year Tree, edited by NCCA, (national centre for contemporary art), Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 2014; Pages 72–75 & 158–159.

2014 – Et eget oppslagsverk. Patrizia Bach er på sporet av hyperteksten i Passasjeverket. [A separate enzyclopedia. Patrizia Bach on the traces of the hypertexts of the Arcades Project], in: Vagant Magazin, Nr. 3/2014, Oslo, Norwegen 2014, edited by Audun Lindholm, Pages 48–54.

2010 – Chinepinev / Cuentos de los Baure, Proyecto de la documentación del idioma Baure [Stories of Baure. Project-documentationof the Baure language], edited by the University of Leipzig, Swintha Danielsen, Lena Terhart.

2009 – Olympics Beijing, in: Ein Magazin über Orte Nr.5 – Tatort, spring 2009, edited by Elmar Bambach, Julia Marquardt, Birgit Vogel, Berlin 2009; Pages 54–56

2009 – Anonyme Zeichner Nr. 10, edited by Galerie Blütenweiß and Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin