DUA: Einblick
S11 Künstlerhaus Solothurn, 19.05–21-05.2023

Despite years of narrowly missing each other in life, visual artist Patrizia Bach and writer Regina Dürig finally connected at the artists’ residency program Akademie Schloss Solitude. Their shared time bloomed into sisterhood. Like feeling for something together that each could not grasp on their own. 

Since 2019 they work together as DUA. 
–> DUA

At their solo exhibition at Künstlerhaus S11 in Solothurn (CH), DUA present their works on Innigkeit, artistic friendship on Patrizia Bach's TOMIKO Archive and a collaboration on Reginas novella Federn lassen, as well as their new ongoing project wishes (Wünsche). 

They also give an insight into their next project, which will be realized in 2024 at the Künstlerhaus Solothurn, where the two are invited as artists in residency. 




DUA – Wünsche (zum Mitnehmen)

         Wishes (to go), ongoing, since 2023, variable size