TOMIKO Archive – Works on the Last Delivery

brining the images home


Currently, I am working on one particular segment of the archive: Its (for now?) last delivery. Since over 10 years I received these pictures through a “secret deliverer”. This collaboration ended in 2016 with an extensive contribution of about 6000 photographs and 72 photo-albums.
Within different practises and collaborations I am trying to find ways to open and revive the archive sustainable. 

One wish is to bring the pictures back to their origin, traced back throughout notes and hints on their backsides, and to confront them with the present. For this purpose I am developing a topographic overview on the last delivery: a map (of Germany), consisting of convolute numbers, dates and keywords.

On the right: TOMIKO Germany Map (+details) and
some inventory lists of differfent convolutes for the map (4/80)

Foto Germany Map: Lepkowski-Studios, Berlin